What A Beautiful World

Watching the snow fall both by day and by night from the warmth and comfort of my own home offered many opportunities for contemplation. These varied from gratitude for all that I have, to musing on the wonder that is nature. As I write this, the wind is beginning to pick up again and more snow twirls in the streetlights. It blankets everything, covering both the natural and the man-made without distinguishing between either. Softening angles, outlining tree branches, wrapping the daffodils in a white foam. It is no wonder that the young and the young at heart feel delightfully compelled to launch themselves into this wonderful snowy scene.
In a short few weeks we will recall the death and resurrection of the Lord. He spent three years of preaching the Good News of Salvation to all people with no distinction between Jew and Gentile. This message is so wonderful that it if we take it to heart, it will transform us. It will enclose us, soften the hard angles of anger and bitterness, and cause the green shoots of new life in Christ to grow in us. I read somewhere once that if you felt you were a failure, without hope, or useless, that you should remember that you were worth Calvary’s Cross. May the Passion and Death of our dear Lord be constantly in our hearts for the remainder of Lent and may we allow the knowledge that we are loved by God sustain us all of our days.

Elizabeth Murphy.

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