Approaching 50 years

On 29. July. 1971 the Foundation Stone of our Church was blessed by Bishop Cornelius Lucey. In the photograph he is surrounded by so many people and families of the parish. On that day we became a family of families, gathering around the table of the Lord. In this photo Bishop Lucey blesses the spot where the Altar of God will be placed.

Fifty years later we continue to be a family of families, gathered around the table of the Lord, even virtually during the COVID-19 Pandemic (in the photo below, Bishop Fintan Gavin is pictured with parishioners at the first public Mass in May 2021 after the National Lockdown).

Fifty years after our foundation stone was blessed, Togher Church continues to be a family of families gathered around the table of the Lord Jesus.

In keeping with Covid 19 regulations, we are counting down to the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of our church (29.07. 1972). As we make our way to that day, we will pray our way through, keeping in mind the words of Jesus "my house shall be called a house of prayer" (Matthew 21)

July 29th 2021: (Foundation day) We blessed the walls of the Church,asking God's blessing on this, his house.

August 6th 2021: We held a Jubilee holy hour, asking God to bless all christian leaders. We prayed through the intercession of Pope St Paul VI. He was the Pope when our church was opened. Many parishioners have papal blessings in their homes, with his photo on them. Paul is a role model for leadership. However, we asked God to bless all leaders. We think of parents at the kitchen table, teachers, nurses, and all people, who must make decisions each day, inspired by the gospel of Jesus.

August 17th 2021: We held a Jubilee holy hour, praying with Our Lady of Knock. Due to the pandemic, many of our parishioners could not visit Knock this year. However, when we could not go to her, she came to us !!

August 24th 2021: We held a Jubilee Holy Hour praying with Little Nellie of Holy God on her 118th birthday. We also blessed an art display, based on scenes from her life. These were created by a local man John Doolan.

September 23rd 2021: We held a Jubilee Holy Hour praying with St Padre Pio: one of the most popular men in Togher! He is held in very high esteem by our parishioners, and he is another one of the people who has become a saint in our life-time. As he said himself, "you love me because I teach you how to love God".

October 19th and 20th 2021: We celebrated the enrollment ceremonies for our candidates for first holy communion and confirmation. Our candidate were reminded that they are making history, as they receive sacraments in the jubilee year.

November 2-11: Together we prayed the Novena of Prayer for the Holy Souls. We asked god to have mercy on the dead and to protect the living. During the Novena, we honored all those whose funerals took place from this Church in the past twelve months. The boys and girls of the Togher schools participated in a special way.

December 8th: We held a Jubilee holy hour in honor of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, asking that she bless our Church as it prepared for its fiftieth Christmas. Miraculous Medals were blessed and distributed.

Fourth Sunday of Advent: the Commemorative Key Ring was blessed and distributed to the parishioners as a Christmas keepsake.

Christmas Day: the parish christmas trees, decorated with decorations from our parishioners, in honour of the living, deceased, near and far away were blessed. Parishioners were invited to take blessed straw from our crib and to place it in their crib at home.


1- February: We celebrated the Feast of St Brigid of Kildare

2- February: Candlemas Day- Candles were blessed and distributed to the faithful. Candles were kept back for the weekend masses for all who could not be with us on the day. The blessed candle is a beautiful symbol of Christ our Light in the Catholic home.

In the evening we celebrated Holy Mass for the 114th Anniversary of the death of Little Nellie of Holy God. As it was Candlemas, Holy Mass began with the Ceremony of light and the candle light procession.

3- February: Due to Covid 19, a general blessing of throats was shared, for the feast of St Blaise. This blessing was repeated at our weekend Masses for those who could not be with us on the day.

11-February: We celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes with a Holy Hour. During this time we had our own torchlight procession, the holy annointing of the sick and Benediction.

March 2022: In preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, our boys and girls went on retreat to St Benedict’s Priory, Cobh. A beautiful day of prayer in the chapel and learning in the Bible Garden. May it be the first of many holy places that they will visit in the years to come.

March 2022: In collaboration with the Pioneers, the Parish prayed, the Matt Talbot Novena throughout the season of Lent.

April 2022: With Joy and Solemnity the people of the Parish celebrated the Sacred Triduum in our beautiful Church for the first time in three years.

Remarkable congregations prayed the Mass of the Lords Supper on Holy Thursday and processed to Altar of Repose, recalling the journey of Jesus to the Garden of Olives.

On Good Friday we prayed the Stations of the Cross in the Morning, and again in the Evening, for those who were at work during the Day. At three pm, we celebrated the passion of the Lord Jesus Christ. As a parish, we took a new motto, that when we look at Jesus on the cross, we must always say "Jesus loves me very much".

On Holy Saturday Evening, the Easter Vigil, restored to the correct time of 9pm was celebrated by the people of the Parish. During the ceremony of light, we passed from darkness into new light with Christ, and later in the ceremony, two adults received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

As we celebrate our fiftieth anniversary, the Solemn Celebration of the Easter Triduum, reminds us that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is the heart of our faith and that he invites each one of us to share in this saving mystery.

May 2022: With great joy the families of the parish celebrated the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation. As it is our Jubilee Year, we reminded the Children, that in fifty years time, when the church will be one hundred years old, they can say, they remember receiving the sacraments in the jubilee year.

May 2022: Month Long Devotions began in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Children's May Altar has a special place in those devotions.

The May Procession in the Jubilee Year, went from the Church to the Deanrock Grotto, which has been the hidden gem of our parish since 1988. Led by the Confirmation and First Holy Communion Children, a huge crowd joined the procession. Many thanks were given at the grotto to all those who since 1988 have made it a sanctuary of prayer in our busy world.

July 29th 2022: (Foundation day) Once again, We blessed the walls of the Church, asking God's blessing on this, his house, as we closed the jubilee year Fifty years later, the Church was decorated beautifully with flowers, the interior was shining and most importantly the faith of the people was as strong as ever.