Fr Ben Hodnett

Address: The Church of the Way of the Cross, Togher Road, Cork.

Telephone number: Parish Office (021) 4318899


Emergency line for sick calls and funerals: 087 2495075

The Parish Office is open Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 12 noon

Services available:
• Booking Masses*
• Booking Baptisms
• Baptism Certificates**
• Marriage Certificates**
• Confirmation Certificates**

*Mass Book opens on a 3 monthly basis February opens for April, May and June.

** Certificates and Letters of Recommendation cost €3.

Suggested Mass Offerings: €10 (cards €1.50 & €2)

Shared Mass Offerings:  €3   (€4.50 with card)

Enquiries for Baptism, Marriage and Confirmation Certs, should be e-mailed to: 

As and from Friday 25th May 2018, if you need to get a Baptism Certificate, Marriage Certificate or a Letter of Freedom from the parish, you are required to present identification. If you are unable to collect the documents yourself, you will need to advise us of the name of the person collecting the certificate and they will also be required to present personal identification.