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Church Ceremonies

By order of the Government, all religious ceremonies are to be held online until further notice.

Funerals are by invitation only, and are limited to ten people.

To discuss future baptisms and marriages, please contact the parish office .

To arrange an emergency sick call, please telephone 087.2495075

Feast of St Brigid of Kildare

Now is our to to prepare for the feast of St Brigid of Kildare. As the song says,

"We sing a song to Brigid, Brigid brings the spring.

Awakens all the fields and the flowers and calls the birds to sing"

Many of you will have the badges that you got in the Church this time last year. Remember to put it on your jacket!

The Story of St Brigid’s Cross

St Brigid was renowned for her kindness to the sick. A pagan chieftain was dying, in a state of desolation and some Christians in his household sent for Brigid, that she might bring him some consolation. At that time, rushes forom the marshy lands were gathered and used as a floor covering. She sat with the dying chieftain and began to talk with him about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The more she told him, the more interested he became. As she told him the story of the crucifixion she picked up rushes from the floor and started knitting them into a cross. When she showed him the cross, he could now match the image with the story. Because of Brigid’s kindness to him he was baptised shortly before he died. The cross made from rushes has been know as the St Brigid’s cross ever since.