What is a sacrament?

A sacrament is a source of  God’s grace and an indication of the kind of grace that it is.

For exampleHoly Communion is Gods way of giving us, Jesus his son, as food for the journey of life, as we continue on our journey to the father’s house in heaven.

For exampleHoly Anointing of the sick: is Gods way of blessing the sick by placing his hand on their head, through the hand of the priest.

A sacrament is god’s way of reaching into the world and being a part of our lives. Some sacraments cannot be repeated, but we can renew our commitment to them.

For examplerenewal of baptismal promises, priestly promises, renewal of marriage vows. 



How many sacraments are there?

We have seven sacraments:

(images attached are on display in our Church)



The Sacrament of Baptism


What is baptism?

Baptism cleanses us from Original Sin, makes us members of the family of God, and is the starting point of our journey to the Fathers house in heaven.

(Infant Baptism and Adult Baptism can be arrranged via the parish office) 







The Sacrament of Confession 

What is Confession?

Confession is the sacrament by which God forgives our sins and gives us the grace to be better in the future. How can I make a good confession? by being truly sorry for my sins and by making a resolution to turn away from those sins. I must then go to the sacrament of confession to receive absolution for them.

(Confessions are heard after the weekend Masses and on request)






The Sacrament of the Eucharist/ Holy Mass


What is Holy Mass?


Holy Mass is the sacrament in which we actively share in the sacrifice of Jesus offered for us at the last supper and at Calvary. It is the one continuous sacrifice of  Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

(Join us always for Holy Mass)








The Sacrament of Confirmation 


What is confirmation?

Through confirmation, God: the Holy Spirit comes to us and makes us fully members of the church. God strengthens us with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, and makes us ready to be true witnesses to Jesus Christ in the world.

(Youth Confirmations are organised via the schools. Adult Confirmation can be organised via the parish office)







The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony 


What is Holy Matrimony?



Holy Matrimony is the sacrament that joins a man and woman together for life. It helps them to love each other and to be good to each other, and, should god bless them with children, it helps them, to raise their children to love and serve god.

(Arranged via the Parish Office)









The Sacrament of Holy Orders


What is ordination?

Holy Orders are conferred on a man who has been called by god and approved by the church to be a deacon, a priest or a bishop. Holy Orders give him the graces which are necessary for his sacred duties. For example the duties of a priest are preaching, offering holy mass, hearing confession, and the holy anointing of the sick.

(If you are considering a vocation to holy orders please speak to the priest on duty)









The Sacrament of the Sick



What is the Holy Anointing of the Sick?

Throughout the gospels Jesus reaches out to the sick. Holy anointing gives spiritual strength and comfort to the sick, and assures the sick of God’s presence with them in the midst of their suffering.

(Holy Anointing is celebrated at different times of the year. It is also available on request, via the parish office, if someone is unwell).