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Sanctuary 2021

Did you know?

As we continue on the Journey of Lent you will notice that the Alleluia is not said, nor the Gloria and flowers are not used. Instead, the palm plants are symbolic of the desert. Each week like a dimmer switch we dim down and down until the light of the Easter Candle quenches all darkness.

The Open Heart of Jesus , open to Saint and Sinner !

Prayer of the week: LENT WEEK TWO

For the season of Lent, we will be praying with the words of Jesus spoken on the Cross. Sometimes we use long prayers like the Our Father or the Hail Mary, but we can also pray with the words and sentences that Jesus himself has spoken.

“Today you will be with me in paradise”

Jesus was crucified with a criminal at either side of him, one of them shouted out “Jesus remember me”. What a consolation, what a sigh of relief it must have been for him to hear the sweet words of Jesus, saying today, you will be with me in paradise. The other criminal mocked Jesus, save yourself! he said. Jesus made no response to him.  The bad criminal was given no word of hope, no sigh of relief; he died in desperation, with no hope.

Was the good criminal expecting those sweet words? Did he expect Jesus to give him that hope? Sometimes our past can rob us of our hope. That is why we must look forward with hope in God.

As we see on the cross, Yesterday’s thief could be tomorrow’s saint